1) поведінка; ведення (чогось), проведення (чогось)
2) проводити, вести; ескортувати, перепроваджувати, супроводжувати; поводити себе

conduct a fair and impartial trial — вести судове засідання справедливо і неупереджено

conduct a judicial investigation — розслідувати в судовому порядку

conduct a procuratorial check-up — проводити прокурорську перевірку

conduct an inquest into a death — проводити розслідування причин смерті, розслідувати причини смерті

conduct an official investigation — = conduct an official inquiry (into smth.) проводити офіційне розслідування (чогось)

conduct house-to-house inquiries — проводити опитування (опитувати) мешканців навколишніх будинків (про слідчого тощо)

conduct of all stages of criminal proceedings — здійснення всіх стадій кримінального процесу

conduct of parliamentary elections — проведення виборів до парламенту

conduct one's own investigation — проводити своє власне розслідування

conduct to the place of confinement — доставляти (перепроваджувати) до місця ув'язнення

- conduct a ballistics test
- conduct a case
- conduct a campaign
- conduct a formal investigation
- conduct a formal inquiry
- conduct a poll
- conduct a raid
- conduct a search
- conduct a secret operation
- conduct a suit
- conduct a terrorist act
- conduct a trial
- conduct an act of sabotage
- conduct an act of terrorism
- conduct an expert examination
- conduct an independent policy
- conduct an inquiry
- conduct an inspection
- conduct an investigation
- conduct an official inquiry
- conduct an operation
- conduct appearance
- conduct autopsy
- conduct business
- conduct charged
- conduct court
- conduct criminal investigation
- conduct debate
- conduct debates
- conduct defence
- conduct defence defense
- conduct election canvassing
- conduct election propaganda
- conduct export operations
- conduct hearing
- conduct hearings
- conduct in secret
- conduct interrogation
- conduct money
- conduct negotiations
- conduct norm
- conduct of a case
- conduct of acts of sabotage
- conduct of acts of terrorism
- conduct of an investigation
- conduct of an operation
- conduct of election
- conduct of elections
- conduct of legal practice
- conduct of life
- conduct of proceedings
- conduct of war
- conduct of warfare
- conduct one's own defence
- conduct one's own defense
- conduct oneself
- conduct operations work
- conduct operative work
- conduct policy
- conduct preliminary hearings
- conduct security clearance
- conduct sheet
- conduct the postmortem
- conduct without fault

English-Ukrainian law dictionary.

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